Kimono De Sakura Festival!

This event is in collaboration with Kimono DE Koryu!

『Kimono DE Cheers』

Upon joining our event, you will have the chance to wear our locally made kimonos.

This event will allow you to see the beautiful sights of the Sakura together in a group while getting to know other people in Tokyo.

This is your chance to experience an important event in Japanese culture while wearing the traditional Japanese clothing.

▽Important notice▽

Please make sure to read and understand the details of the event.

※Kimono rental cost 2000yen

※First come first serve.

※certain body sizes (extra large) may not have the kimono size. Please contact us with your details here

In the email, please include

・Name, sex,height, Clothes size, shoes size(cm), phone number,email address.

Kamurozaka Sakura Festival

Kamurozaka SAKURA Festival Official site!

This is official site of Kamurozka SAKURA Festival! We will offer some information here in English!


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